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Middleburg Museum Update By Bridge Littleton

By Middleburg Eccentric - July 5, 2017

The Middleburg Museum Foundation has been hard at work over the last several months bringing the Pink Box museum addition to life. These efforts have been focused in three main areas, creating the plans for the extension and obtaining the necessary Town approvals, developing the framework for capturing, preserving and telling the stories of Middelburg that will be featured in the Museum, and forming a fundraising and capital improvement campaign to sustain the Museum for the long term. We are excited by the progress being made and the tremendous support and enthusiasm from the community in bringing this vision to reality.

In creating the museum addition to the Pink Box, it was important and critical to the Foundation that the character of the original Pink Box be maintained and enhanced to create a unique experience for all who visit. To accomplish this, the Foundation has brought on the local firm of Turnure Architecture & Design to create a fully functional and integrated addition to the Pink Box. The result is a facility that will enable the Museum to tell the stories of Middelburg and its surrounding community while protecting and highlighting the special architectural and historical features of the Pink Box. As you can see from the conceptual drawings and in the large-scale model, which we have built, the museum addition is being constructed with the same period design features for an integrated feeling while providing a spacious exhibit hall to display the stories and history of Middleburg. The facility will include a large area for primary exhibits, a smaller multimedia room for oral and video histories, a staff office, connecting breezeway to the Pink Box, and temperature and humidity grade museum storage to protect the artifacts of the museum and those on loan. Also, the facility will be fully handicap accessible. What is most exciting about the museum addition is it will only enhance the experience of the Pink Box for locals and visitors. The Pink Box itself and its mission will remain unchanged, continuing to serve as the Middleburg Visitor and Information Center as it has done for decades, fulfilling its vital and necessary role for the town, our businesses, and our community. The 3D model pictured here is an exact recreation of the Pink Box and museum. Over the coming weeks and months, this model will be displayed at various businesses around Middleburg. We encourage everyone to stop by, take a look, and provide your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions. A smaller model of the Museum will be on permanent display at the Pink Box.

With the help and leadership of Jimmy Harris and his daughter Charlotte Harris, a collection of the stories that will tell the history of Middelburg and our community is taking shape. These stories will not focus simply on the times, dates and places of important events, but on the lives and experiences of the people, families, and groups throughout history which shaped them and make up the rich cultural past of Middleburg. This will begin as far back as the Native American tribes that first inhabited this area, to earlier Colonial Settlers, to Middleburg’s role in the Civil Rights Movement, to our contemporary history. In the coming months, we will be reaching out to the community in both large and small gatherings to hear your stories and experiences, which make up the unique character of Middleburg to ensure we capture them for future generations.

The museum would not be possible without the generosity of the community, not only regarding money but in time and historical item donations. From the wonderful gift of Dr. Betsy Parker, monetary donations from many supporters, to truly unique artifacts that capture our past, we are off to a great start. But this is just the beginning, and your continued support and that of the community is critical to the long-term success of the museum. We plan to host several fundraising events over the course of the next year and look forward to everyone’s participation and engagement. Please contact us and find out how you can help. The Middleburg Museum Foundation is an IRS registered 501 (c) 3 organization, making all donations fully tax deductible. Contact the Foundation at or simply swing by the Pink Box, we welcome all gifts large and small and thank the community for its ongoing support.



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