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Water & Utilites

Our community deserves a water and utilities system that will sustain us through the next generation. We must continue this system through upgrades while maintaining reasonable rates.


  • Quality water that is safe and sustainable.  

  • Rates which are stable, predictable and responsible. 

  • Upgrading our aged facilities and replacing old water lines. 

  • Stopping sprawl by keeping utilities in Middleburg, for Middleburg.  

Middleburg Water Lines - Age Map
This map shows the age of our many water lines - we have made great progress in our upgrades, but much is left to be done.
Much Done - West End Treatment Plant
Our new treatment plant in Ridgeview. Lets not let up on completing the job to update our system.
Water Line - Work to Do
Many of our water lines have been replaced, but over 50% remain to go
Safe, Healthy, Reliable Water
Half of our Town water lines are in need of replacement for safe, healthy and reliable water - these improvements must be funded.
Rate Cuts = Sprawl
Purcellville cut its utility rates, but then to pay its bills had to extend water and sewer outside its town limits. The result, sprawl around their boarders.
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