Investing in Our Future

We must prepare for the future by focusing on infrastructure improvements, budgetary prudence, and tools for the Town to better serve its citizen. This will help secure the quality of life for Middleburg residents as well as the visitors we host for years to come.


  • Infrastructure: Restoring our streets, sidewalks and public spaces.  

  • Raise our capital reserve requirement from 20% to 100% of the annual budget - let’s make sure our rainy-day fund can weather any storm.   

  • Modernize our Town with new systems and tools, empowering our dedicated Staff to do what they do best, serve our citizens.  

  • Explore and lay the ground work for a Public Private Partnership to develop housing for younger and workforce families to make Middleburg their home.  

General Assembly with Va's Governor
Bridge in Richmond at the General Assembly with Virginia’s new Governor, Ralph Northam. Creating the right relationships and advocating for Middleburg is vital to protecting our heritage.
Goose Creek Dedication
At the dedication of the Goose Creek Bridge to the Civil War Trust with follow Council Member Peter Leonard Morgan and Delegate Randy Minchew.
Oath of Honor
Out most important town asset: Our People. Newly promoted Officers receiving the Oath of Honor.
Dicussing infrastrucutre and Middleburg Planning with Eric Combs, Middleburg Planning Commission President.
The Flyer from the Great Middleburg Clean Up and Scavanger Hunt - a great day of volunteerism.
Federal Street Team Clean-Up
The "Federal Street Team" hitting the road on an early Saturday in August. We collected over 28 bags of trash and 3000 cigarette butts.
Our Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)
While we have come a long way to updating our infrastructure, we must stay vigilant and fund our future.
We must continue to repair our streets and sidewalks for the safety of our residents and visitors
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We must continue to repair our streets and sidewalks for the safety of our residents and visitors